The Toolbar
The below is a toolbar of iScreenCapture

New start a new document
Open open an existing graphic file
Save save the current document to the graphic file
Save As save the current document as another graphic file name
Print print the current document
Undo undo the last operation
Redo undo the last undone operation
Copy copy the selected area to the clipboard
Paste paste the graphic data from clipboard
Select select a rectangle area from the graphic with mouse
Crop crop the current selected area
Edit edit the current graphic in Microsoft Paint program
Reload reload the current graphic from Microsoft Paint to iScreenCapture, please save the changes in Microsoft Paint before reloading
Paint launch the Microsoft Paint program
Color open the picker window to pick a color from the screen
Text start to capture text from PC screen
Option open the options dialog
Full show the current graphic in full screen
Help open the help file you are reading now

On the right of the toolbar, there are two another buttons text and color.

Click the text button to open a window for processing captured text values.
Click the color button to open a window for processing captured color values.

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