Set Timer Before Capturing
Sometimes, you don't want to start a capture immediately after you press your mouse button or hot keys. You want to do something else between you pressed a capture button and fire a actual capturing. iScreenCapture allows you doing a timed screen capturing. You need only set a timer and apply the timer. Then when you fire a capture action, the software will wait for several seconds which set in timer before doing the actual capturing. During the waitting time, you may do whatever you want to do.

The right window is for setting a timer before capturing. You may select a time value in the drop-down list. The value may be from 2 seconds to 20 seconds according to you requirements.

If you set and applied the timer, when you start a capture, a watch will displayed on your PC screen. You may set the watch's initial position from the timer position frame. The position may be "Center Screen", "Left Top", "Right Top", "Right Bottom", and "Left Bottom".

When the watch's second pointer moving, it will play a beep sound. If you want it to keep silent, you may check the item "No sound when second pointer moving".

The settings you preset in this window will not be sure to be used unless you make sure that you checked the item "Apply this timer settings immediately". If you don't check this item, the settings will not be used.

If you only want to use this timer settings for certain type of captures, not all captures, you may check those captures you want from the list under "Timer used for".

Click this button to set all items to default values.

Click this button to save all values and return.

Click this button to return without saving any changes.

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