The Tools Menu
Click the menu "Tools" from the main window, you will see the following drop-down menu.

Options... open the options dialog to configure the application's parameters
Set Fixed Region... open a dialog to set the fixed region properties that would be used for capturing by fixed region
Set Hot Keys... open a dialog to set the hot keys for different capturing mode and hiding window
Batch Converter... open the batch converter to convert graphic files in batch mode
Color Picker... open the color picker tool to pick a color from the screen
Current Color Values... open the color value dialog to display the current color and its values in 14 formats.
Custom Colors List... open the user customized favorite colors list
Text Capture... capture text from your PC screen with your mouse cursor
Captured Text Values... open the dialog with all captured text values saved in a drop-down list, you may manage them.
Edit in Microsoft Paint open the Microsoft Paint to edit the current document
Reload from Microsoft Paint reload the current editing document from the Microsoft Paint
Launch Microsoft Paint run the Microsoft Paint
Show Drag-and-Drop Top Window check this item to show the drag-and-drop window, or uncheck to hide

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