The Main Window of iScreenCapture
The following is the screenshot of the iScreenCapture. The main window includes menu system, toolbar, tabbed panel, image area, and status bar.

Menu System
Most functions may be accessed from the menu system.

The most used functions may be accessed from the toolbar.

Tabbed Panel
The tabbed panel includes "Capture", "Files", and "Functions". The "Capture" tabbed window contains nine capturing buttons for selection, they are "Capture Windows, Buttons, etc.", "Capture Active Window", "Capture Rectangle Area", "Capture Fixed Region", "Capture Text", "Capture Color", "Capture Icon", "Capture Full Screen", and "Capture Full Desktop".

The "Files" tabbed window is used for managing files. All recent accessed files will be added into the list. And it may add/remove a file to/from the list.

The "Functions" tabbed window contains most used operations, filters or special effects for processing the image in the right window.

The statusbar will show the file name, file size, image width and image height.

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