Capture Windows, Buttons, Controls, etc.
You may capture by Windows, Buttons, Controls by the following ways,
  • The button "Capture Windows, Buttons, etc." in the capture tabbed window.
  • The drop-down menu: Capture > Capture Windows, Buttons, etc.
  • Short Key: Ctrl + F3
  • Hot Key set from "Tools > Set Hot Keys..."
  • Right click the iScreenCapture icon located at system tray area, and click the menu item "Capture Windows, Buttons, etc."
After firing the capture function, you may move the mouse cursor on computer screen to enum all available windows, buttons, controls. And you may do the following to finish the capture:
  • Click the mouse
  • Press the key "Return" or "Enter" on your keyboard
  • Press the key "Blank" on your keyboard
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