Full Screen Preview
If there is an image opened in the window, you may preview it in full screen. There are three ways to open it in full screen:
  1. Double click the image to preview it in full screen.
  2. Click the menu item "View > Full Screen".
  3. Click the "Full" icon on the toolbar.
From the full screen window, you may right click mouse cursor to activate a popup menu like the below.

  • Close
    Click this menu item to close the full screen.

  • Backcolor...
    Click this menu item to open the color dialog for choosing a color as the full screen's backcolor, and you may also set the backcolor from "Options > Other > Full Screen Back Color..."

  • Default Backcolor
    Click this menu item to set the full screen's backcolor to default (White).

  • Show Border
    Check this menu item to add a border to the image, or uncheck this to remove the border

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